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When a computer on your network goes down‚ or worse‚ there is a bigger issue with your entire network‚ not only does productivity go down with it‚ so does profitability‚ and fast. A quick response time to such issues is critical‚ but that involves constant monitoring‚ a task that requires sophisticated tools and an immediate response from your IT team. So how is a company that is wisely concerned about their bottom line supposed to keep a watchful eye on their network?

SJP Network Solutions offers a way to for you to be proactive about potential network issues with a cloud management solution that is both convenient and budget-friendly. When it comes to all things IT‚ ignorance is never bliss. Prevention is certainly less costly than waiting for problems to happen and then desperately trying to fix them. We can help you stay in control and on top of things by remotely monitoring your computers and networks using our efficient and reliable cloud management tools. If a problem is either found or found to be a budding problem‚ we can quickly and easily repair or avert the problem remotely‚ without even disrupting your business flow or your employees’ work.

What we monitor

  • Software – We’ll monitor for license expirations and proper software operation on your servers.
  • Backups – We will alert you if backups have not been performed or have not been performed
  • Disk Drives – No more data loss or corruption since we will give you plenty of warning when your disk space is running low. We’ll also report any boot disk selection changes‚ false mounts‚ and any disk I/O errors that can lead to drive failure.
  • Network – Increased troubleshooting speed occurs when you’re aware of any occurring network errors.
  • System Performance – You’ll get full details on how your systems are performing‚ everything from faulty RAM to failing laptop batteries‚ you’re going to know about it.
  • Malware – We provide additional malware checking to ensure you’re protected.
  • Demographics – We’ll also provide useful information about who and what is running on your network‚ such as the last logged in user‚ serial and model numbers‚ firmware versions‚ uptime and so much more.

You will be assigned a dedicated IT manager that will give your network the attention it requires. And if a problem cannot be solved remotely‚ we’ll be on site immediately to get it resolved expediently. Our cloud management service is looking out for you 24/7‚ so now you can be confident that the health of your network is never in question. Now that’s proactive management at its finest.

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