5 Reasons for Your Organization to Adopt Cloud-Based Solutions

Posted by Darrell Karp | July 17, 2017

Wondering why so many businesses have moved onto the cloud in recent years? It’s because the advantages of doing so concretely outweigh the risks, especially with the technology so well-tested by this point. Here are five reasons you should be considering cloud adoption:

1) Support

Cloud-based software solutions come with the expertise of the company providing that solution – expertise you’d pay a premium to keep in-house. Since you don’t need that sort of expertise all the time, only when there’s a problem, you benefit by getting exactly that with a cloud management service.

2) Versatility

The nature of cloud-based software solutions makes those solutions uniquely versatile. Not only will most operate consistently across a variety of devices, many solutions can scale up or down with little or no fuss. Compare that to the myriad complexities of operating an in-house solution when team members prefer different desktop and mobile devices, and the appeal becomes obvious. It also untethers your team from existing machines, making it easier to upgrade hardware or relocate without the fuss.

3) Updates

Tired of having to keep up with and figure out updates? With a cloud-hosted solution managed by a third party, you don’t have to. All the most crucial updates will be installed without you ever lifting a finger. Furthermore, any headaches which arise in the process won’t be your headaches to deal with; they’ll be the solution provider’s problem to solve.

4) Security

In today’s world, all it takes is a single ticked off or bored teenager with a bit of internet savvy to turn a security flaw into an unmitigated disaster for your company. When you move to the cloud, you gain the advantage of 24/7 attention on the servers hosting your information, frequent security updates to close loopholes, and rapid expert response when a breach is detected. You may not think you have anything worth hacking into, but hacks aren’t always about profit – though they can certainly cost you big.

5) Cost efficiency

Over time, any company trying to keep up with the staff requirements, hardware requirements, cost of new editions, and other expenses involved in keeping your tech modern will lose out compared to those who stick with cloud-based solutions.

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