If there’s one sure-fire way for a company to reduce costs within its IT budget, it is through desktop and server Virtualization.  Virtualization in IT terminology is merely that, virtual machines that aren’t really there but can be used as if they were.  But it goes even deeper than that.  Technology changes so fast and it can get time-consuming and costly to keep up.  However, when your network is virtualized, suddenly software that once needed to be loaded on many separate machines can now be loaded onto just one, and IT managers can become more responsive to new technologies, software and constantly changing business requirements.

SJP Network Solutions can create virtual machines running Windows using the trusted platforms Proxmox and Microsoft Hyper-V.  They can efficiently bring these advantages to your organization through their virtualization solutions customized just for you:

  • Ease of maintenance – Maintaining just one machine now means you can simultaneously maintain multiple virtual machines, saving precious time, manpower and cost.
  • Consolidation – A single physical server can now take on many server roles: email, web and file servers can all consolidate into just one.
  • Green and clean – Saves energy and electricity, and less machines equals less required physical space.
  • Increase productivity – Less downtime lost from upgrades for each machine, virtual machines are more reliable and enjoy more productiveness.

Making the decision not to appropriate virtualization means the machines you have purchased more than likely are not being utilized to their full potential.  Servers and even desktops are not cheap, and you certainly want to maximize the investment you’ve put into them.  Let SJP Network Solutions implement a virtual infrastructure for you today, and find out just how much you can save.

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